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This new version of was launched in September 2023. The texts and photos of the earlier website are still present, but the structure and layout is much more geared to the current use of internet on mobile devices. However, a larger screen (PC or tablet) does more justice to the website.
On most pages we now show several short items, instead of one loose item, making the connection between the individual items and photos clearer.

The website gives an impression of our travels over the years. Via the buttons below you can gradually choose a specific trip, area or topic.

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Recent trips

Our first trip in 2023 (March and April) went to Spain and Portugal and was a combination of three nature trips of about a week (birds of prey migration at the Straits of Gibraltar, a flower and bird tour in southern Portugal and a nature trip focusing on the Iberian lynx), an eight-day hike in the Sierra de Aracena and a five-day visit to Lisbon. Between the different parts we returned to Seville several times. Before the trip in southern Portugal we also visited Faro. The three 'letters home' sent out have already been posted on the website, as have short impressions of the various travel components. Here is the link.

Iberian lynx

In October 2023 we spent a week in Estonia for a 'predator trip' with a target of lynx, wolf and bear. A nice tour, but only the first target, the lynx, was successful. However, two species of lynx in the same year is more than we expected. A report of this tour will follow soon.

Eurasian lynx

After our Suriname trip in 2018, we wanted to visit a number of highlights there again. We combined this with (British) Guyana in November 2023. In both countries we have again concentrated on special nature reserves with excellent guides. The four 'letters home' sent out have already been posted on the website. Here is the link.

Giant anteater with baby on back (Karanambu)

Giant anteater with baby on back (Karanambu)

Foreign visitors

This is a Dutch website about the many journeys we have made. At the moment only a few webpages have been translated into English, and no other languages are supported. Please look at 'Information for non Dutch visitors'.